Sang Hee Song

Browsing through last night, I found an entry about a modern art museum in Seoul.  Truth be told, it was the headline about there being a good Italian restaurant on site that made me click on it, LOL, but I’m so glad I did because it was the artwork he highlighted that ended up impressing me, and moving me deeply.

Apparently a work entitled “Gesture to be a good daughter” was (is? trying to determine this) on display at the Buk Seoul Museum of Art.  I just found out this is a branch of SeMA, which makes sense– all of the exhibitions I’ve seen there in the past have been…I’m at a loss for words actually.  It was a spiritual experience for me, nothing less.  Contemporary art in South Korea has consistently blown me away and enriched my life.  This country is doing an excellent job of supporting its artists, it seems to me.

So I googled the artist credited with the aforementioned “good daughter” piece.  Her name is Song Sang Hee.  Or Sang Hee Song, to be more U.S.-ish about it.  Found this website, which seems to be a catalog of her work:

I browsed through it with great interest.  And I will continue to do so.  There is a lot to experience there.  In particular I was impressed by this:


Everything I did for the rest of the evening was effected by it.  Fascinating.  What a visionary. Why can’t I embed it though? 😦   There must be a way….