What power says

Some things I have learned about how people who have power (and who wish to consolidate their current power, as well as accumulate more power) express themselves, and show their power.


Power says– I, the powerful, can feel and show anger, but you, the powerless, cannot.  If you feel it, you must hide it, and hide it well.

I the powerful can interrupt you but you can never interrupt me.

I can relax my body but you must remain alert with muscles constricted.

I can push you away but you cannot push me away.

I can exclude you but you cannot exclude me.

I define you but you can never ever define me.

My narrative must be the dominant narrative, my voice the dominant voice.

I can be in a bad mood but you cannot.

You will take whatever I give you, but whatever you give me are trinkets I dispose of with scorn or simple dismissal.

I can make mistakes but you cannot.

I can partake in sensual pleasures and debaucheries, it increases my power, but you cannot as I will say it is a sign of your weakness.

I can take up a lot of space but you cannot unless I give you permission, and even if I do it is only temporary so watch out.

I can move freely about but you must stay where I tell you to stay.

Everything I do is a sign of my power and increases my power, everything you do is a sign of your weakness and reveals your weakness.

I can feel joy, you cannot feel joy.

I can observe you but you cannot observe me.

I can think clearly, you will think confusedly.

I influence you, you do not influence me.

I can win but you cannot win, unless I need you to win for some reason in order to maintain my advantage.

I can comment freely on what goes on around me, you cannot comment on the same things.

I can have opinions, you cannot have opinions.

I can defeat you, you cannot defeat me.

I can tease you, you cannot tease me.

I can play, you cannot play.

I can learn anything I want, you can only learn what I tell you to learn.

I can inquire about you but you cannot inquire about me.

I can keep secrets from you but you cannot keep secrets from me.

You will help me but I will not help you.

I know your nightmares, you do not know anything about mine.

I feast on your soul, you cannibalize yourself because I starve you.

I see you, you can never see me.

I leave my mark on you but you can never touch me, you don’t even think about it.

I victimize you so well you will soon victimize yourself and I will say it was you victimizing yourself all along.

I behave spontaneously, you behave automatically.

I am life itself, treasured potential of the future, you are merely a vessel to bring forth things which I will take.

I will be remembered, you never really existed.

Everything grows from the earth for me, you grow from the earth for me.

I have the last word.





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