Flower Gin in Gyeongnidan – A Flower Shop and a Gin Bar…. Need I Say More?

Derek blazed the trail by visiting & reviewing Flower Gin and now I will write about my experience there. About which I have good news & bad news. People usually want the bad news first so here goes: gin is not my drink. Nor is it my sweetheart’s based on how he felt after we had cocktails at this place. It might have just been Friday night exhaustion after a hard week at work, though. So maybe we will give it one more try. It was also pouring rain that evening, which at one time in my life would have been seen as adding a romantic element, but which now just makes me stressed: by the time we reached the bar we were kind of drenched from head to toe, in spite of having an umbrella & traveling by taxi for most of the evening.

Anyhoo, so that’s the bad news. All the rest is good, so good. First of all, we walk in and are greeted by a wonderfully cute little pup. Never found out her name (yes, it was a her. I love all dogs but I especially am enchanted by girl dogs. Maybe because growing up our family always had female dogs– a gray Standard Poodle, a black Lhasa Apso, and a brown Doberman Pincher, in that order. I also think it has something to do with the mix of universal elements, as dogs are such a yang animal, and when mixed with the qualities of a feminine body, the result is a fascinatingly open-hearted, gentle, and strong creature.) but I spent a lot of time petting her. It was so relaxing. She rolled over and let me hold her and licked my face and responded happily to my cuddles and stroking. Great vibe right away, you see!

Eventually we took seats at the bar. Ordered and got our drinks right away. The gin & tonics were pretty to behold and they certainly went down easy. The bartender was just perfect– responsive, mellow. We felt comfortable drinking at the pace that suited us (in my case, unwisely fast, no doubt; for my sweetheart– slowly, leisurely, normally. We balance each other out, lol) and had time to take in the full experience of being there.

One thing I was struck by was the color of the walls. In theory, having black walls should not work in such a small space. But somehow it does, it totally does. The light emanating through the clear glass doors of the cooler where the flowers are kept lit the room with a clean white glow. And the flowers– oh yes, there are flowers!!! Fragrant natural beauty in abundance there behind those doors. It was kind of like drinking in a flower garden, but even a bit more adventurous feeling….

We checked out the cocktail recipe book that was on the shelf and vowed to start drinking more cocktails at home. The little dog came out again and we played some more. Finally we finished our drinks and said good night to everyone (the dog and the bartender, that is).

My sweetheart got a headache on the taxi ride home, and was feeling so fatigued as well that it kind of put a damper on his memory of the night. I don’t think he has a burning desire to go back. But I want to try it one more time, maybe on a cool Sunday evening in the fall.

Derek Versus Lonely Planet

Spring has been here for awhile and this means that day drinking season has officially begun. I first read about Flower Gin on the blog A Fat Girls Guide to Eating in Korea, and since it was a beautiful spring day, and I had some writing to do, I decided after lunch a nice gin and tonic would fit the bill. One of the best decisions I have ever made.


How to get there: The easiest way to get to Flower Gin is to take the subway to Noksapyeong Station (Line 6) and depart from Exit 2. You will walk down the hill with the army base on your left and in the distance you should see a bridge that will allow you to cross to the other side of the street. You need to cross that bridge unless you have a Marla Singer philosophy in life. Once you’ve…

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